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Posted by Petie - June 1, 2019 - 5:00 PM
Hey everyone! I'm here to bring you 143 new textures to kick off June! We have an update comprised of almost exclusively racing game submissions this month and I'm not sure if that's coincidence or not but either way, there's some good stuff here! For the non-racing games, we have Animal Crossing and Roblox represented as well as one texture from Goat Simulator. And then on the racing side, we have a the Need for Speed series along with a ton from Burnout, the bulk of which come from Burnout Revenge which was always my favorite!

I think this is the first time I've actually been able to mention everything in an update at once but that doesn't mean there's still not lots to see so have a look, enjoy your weekend, and welcome to June!
Textures in this update: 143(Max 50 textures per console on home page. Click here to see all.)
GameCube Textures: 4
PC / Computer Textures: 24
PlayStation 2 Textures: 6
PSP Textures: 2
Xbox Textures: 107 (50 shown)

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