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Posted by Shade - February 4, 2017 - 2:15 PM
Rrt, vrrt. Hey kids, it's me, Shade! Just like that January's come and gone, and so has the submission queue here on the Textures Resource. Let's see what we've got today!

There are quite a few textures from various games in this cool update. Heavy hitters this time around include Animal Crossing, Sly Cooper, and Fallout: New Vegas. Also there're a few rad Predator textures, which is pretty neat. Big shout-out to everyone who's submitted stuff over the last month and putting some much-needed textures on our low-poly tables here at the Textures Resource.

And that's about it this time around - and with that, I must make my leave! Shade-o-bots, roll out!!

*turns into a car and speeds off into the sunset in search of more textures for the next update*
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