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Oct 21, 2018
11:11 AM
Dolphman Texture:
It's pretty interesting how the early Goomba renders had lighter coloured underbites.
Oct 15, 2018
2:53 AM
NavyFoxKid Texture:
Oct 15, 2018
1:30 AM
Shinigami_Guntz Texture:
1st Floor
do the ones in the japanese and english games differ somehow?
Oct 14, 2018
11:37 PM
teh_supar_hackr Texture:
N64 Choco Mountain
I don't know why, but the Nintendo banner looks stretched one this.
Oct 7, 2018
6:43 AM
Jargon_Madjin Game:
Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion: HD Renovation
Oct 2, 2018
10:08 PM
StickMeister125 Texture:
Castle (Courtyard)
L IS REAL 2401!
Oct 1, 2018
11:11 PM
GamerKid12 Texture:
Pal Hair

Next time, try not to overcook the bacon hair, k? ;-;
Sep 18, 2018
2:15 AM
Lanky Kong
Sep 2, 2018
2:43 PM
MeowMilk Texture:
Neko Zombie
I wish someone had the 3d model ripped too :(
well i guess it wouldnt be THAT hard to make with the simple geometric shapes
anyway thanks
Aug 29, 2018
9:52 PM
The Great Papyrus Game:
also why did a moderator move the erik is my hero t-shirt that I requested to shirts? its not a shirt its a t-shirt
Aug 29, 2018
9:50 PM
The Great Papyrus Game:
and they both got accepted
Aug 29, 2018
9:50 PM
The Great Papyrus Game:
lol we both uploaded check it
Aug 29, 2018
4:49 PM
Giant star nose mole Game:
I added some faces.
Aug 24, 2018
4:32 PM
Bromaster Game:
Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition
Now everyone can jailbreak the skins here. Not good.
Aug 23, 2018
8:24 PM
Samey the Hedgewhatever Texture:
JP Box
Hey, how was this ripped? Just want to know so I can see if I can rip some other textures.
Aug 22, 2018
7:28 AM
Giant star nose mole Texture:
Holiday Split Shades
It's face accessory, not a face.
Aug 21, 2018
7:35 PM
Giant star nose mole Texture:
These textures looked bigger ingame.
Aug 20, 2018
11:35 PM
Mighty Jetters Texture:
Origin Of Fire Spa Boss
Note: the "Of" in the stage's title is capitalized in-game. It was not a grammatical error on my part. :p
Aug 20, 2018
9:10 PM
HueyLoisTheThird Game:
Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham
TheWarsman I got some of 'em. which DLC did you want specifically?
Aug 20, 2018
9:09 PM
HueyLoisTheThird Texture:
Heffalumps and Woozles
wow, I didn't think the joke names would be kept lol
Aug 20, 2018
7:13 PM
TryyalAzureboarder Game:
Who else came here to use the Steve texture as a template for a skin?
Aug 20, 2018
2:27 AM
TattleangusMLG Game:
Minecraft: Wii U Edition
@THESONICDUDE723 Hey Been Afew Months! I Just Gotta Say I Want The Mob Files To Each Be Seperate Since I Don't Want To Have To Download A ZIP File
Aug 18, 2018
8:20 AM
TattleangusMLG Texture:
O Nu.... B U P B O I ' S F A C E I S H E R E
Aug 17, 2018
12:14 AM
Robot Mario Game:
Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning
Aug 14, 2018
10:56 AM
Ashley Texture:
Xen Backgrounds
prettiest skyboxes in any game ever
Aug 12, 2018
7:00 AM
Marshi64 Game:
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD
I've submitted Valoo's texture from this version of the game, I plan to rip some other character textures later down the line as well, Hopefully this section won't be so empty soon when i'm through with it!
Aug 11, 2018
8:54 PM
RealHeroicGamer Game:
Super Mario Galaxy 2
@Kennon42 no problem, i'm gonna start uploading some more stuff here, and eventually also move into galaxy 1's textures as well ^.^
Aug 3, 2018
11:28 AM
OnslaughtIsCool Texture:
do you love me
Aug 2, 2018
7:40 AM
Ashley Texture:
WOW does weldar really have a 128x128 texture on him? i thought the most the largest the n64 could take was 64x64

unless you just put in a composite of four 64x64 textures
still, always shocked at what rare accomplished visually
Jul 28, 2018
7:51 PM
Giant star nose mole Texture:
Blocks (Survival Test)
It's just terrain.png file that I exported from .jar file.
Jul 28, 2018
7:03 PM
GuyWhoSleeps Texture:
Baseball Ball
if you cut a baseball open you'll get this lovely chap as the baseball
Jul 28, 2018
6:34 PM
iChibi Game:
Sonic Adventure 2
character textures here are of much better quality than in sa2b
Jul 28, 2018
5:48 PM
bonin888 Texture:
Anyone might want to update this. There are new blocks in Minecraft Windows 10 (1.5+ MC).
Jul 27, 2018
4:16 AM
DJfour7 Texture:
Funky Kong's Flame Runner
The only vehicle you'll ever see online!
Jul 26, 2018
9:26 PM
Kennon42 Game:
Super Mario Galaxy 2
RHG, tysm for these textures
Jul 26, 2018
2:09 AM
DJfour7 Texture:
Mission Street
Those are some nice statistics on Tails
Jul 23, 2018
12:11 AM
Mighty Jetters Game:
Super Mario Galaxy 2
Feel free, we'd love to have more!
Jul 16, 2018
12:25 PM
GuyWhoSleeps Texture:
Schoolhouse and Courtyard
200 textures?!
Jul 11, 2018
3:35 PM
Zackie Texture:
Schoolhouse and Courtyard
Baldi would love to have a word with you. lol.
Jul 10, 2018
7:16 PM
NTSC Master Texture:
OK Motors Jacket
What do you see: Hand or Bird?
Jul 9, 2018
4:04 PM
ScratchU90 Texture:
Castle (Courtyard)
Eternal Star
Jul 1, 2018
12:42 AM
GuyWhoSleeps Texture:
General Textures
@Gwladys I Ripped These from Version 1.2
Jun 30, 2018
4:06 PM
Gwladys Texture:
General Textures
Going to update with Missing textures (e.g. baldi's office door)
Jun 29, 2018
11:47 PM
GuyWhoSleeps Texture:
General Textures
some of the textures are missing due to errors in unity studios
Jun 28, 2018
12:58 AM
Zackie Texture:
General Textures
About time!
Jun 26, 2018
11:08 AM
EmpYoshi Texture:
That's crazy! High quality! I think it's 8K! Wowsers!
Jun 24, 2018
6:22 PM
GuyWhoSleeps Texture:
General Textures
no credit needed
Jun 14, 2018
1:11 AM
Doggo54321 Texture:
What about depressed Luigi / Choking Luigi?
Jun 7, 2018
11:05 PM
Jacen64 Game:
Super Mario 64
Is there anything I can rip using Toad's Tool 64 or everything has been ripped already?
May 31, 2018
6:56 AM
Ayumi Shinto Texture:
All Textures
I don't see a single texture from Rainbow Cruise in here.
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