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Apr 21, 2018
11:24 PM
Kennon42 Game:
Conker's Bad Fur Day
Gee, I wonder when the other textures are gonna be uploaded, kinda curious if anyone is working on it right now.
Apr 21, 2018
9:29 PM
supermario Texture:
Mickey Mouse
Looks Like MS Paint
Apr 19, 2018
10:58 PM
Chirz Game:
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp
Don't the DDS files for the clothes come with Specular Textures?

EDIT: Oops. Forgot I was working with Amiibo Festival stuffs.
Apr 17, 2018
4:36 PM
ROBLOXNoob246 Texture:
SCP Warning Labels
its too creepey
Apr 14, 2018
11:04 PM
Shinigami_Guntz Texture:
It might just be me but i think this one is missing parts to the texture, like for the ring and gloves and the zipper to. I might be wrong but we may never know for sure.
Apr 14, 2018
10:58 PM
Shinigami_Guntz Texture:
Homura Akemi
I just noticed this game uses almost the exact Same Texture Format as Corpse Party Blood Drive does...but with a few interesting
Apr 11, 2018
8:52 PM
TheMorningFlash15 Texture:
It should be noted that the textures don't just include the eyes, mouth, and back of the head. I've discovered arm, leg, and tail textures in the files as well.
Apr 10, 2018
9:29 PM
Natas Texture:
Map Faces
hold on, doesn't the food court cartridge count as a map icon?
Apr 7, 2018
2:18 PM
Shinigami_Guntz Game:
Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil
Are there textures for leorina possibly?
Apr 6, 2018
3:09 PM
aniplup_32 Texture:
All Textures
This is from... Toad's Tool!?
Apr 2, 2018
8:48 PM
Doc von Schmeltwick Texture:
Haha he looks so Dragon Ball Z
Mar 24, 2018
11:28 PM
cmac07 Game:
Mario Kart 8
.................Roy is the only texture ripped in the mk8 section..............Weird..
Mar 24, 2018
6:27 PM
Rox Game:
Garfield Kart
@9x0x0x0 this is one of the things we needed
Mar 21, 2018
1:26 PM
Rox Texture:
The Simpsons Skin Pack
These skins don't work on PC... RIP
Mar 18, 2018
5:45 PM
Emv2005 Game:
Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
can i ask how you got the glide textures?
Mar 17, 2018
10:19 AM
RealHeroicGamer Game:
Super Mario Galaxy 2
surprised there aren't a lot of textures here or in galaxy 1... guess i'll see what i can do :P
Mar 14, 2018
10:22 PM
Flophawk Texture:
Mar 13, 2018
10:40 PM
RealHeroicGamer Texture:
Terrain (Plastic)
love this texture pack
Mar 10, 2018
9:14 PM
Akira Game:
Super Paper Mario
Why are there no objects here?
Aren't they also textures?
Mar 4, 2018
8:57 PM
TheMorningFlash15 Game:
Animal Crossing: City Folk
@GuyWithThePie or Animal Crossing GCN? (Seriously, the GCN one is ridiculously easy to do if you use Dolphin.)
Mar 4, 2018
1:45 PM
ItsameMario203 Texture:
Mar 4, 2018
1:45 PM
ItsameMario203 Texture:
the tox box textures: >:-( >:-)
Mar 4, 2018
1:41 PM
ItsameMario203 Texture:
the x eyes are actually when you lose in the game
Mar 4, 2018
5:51 AM
teh_supar_hackr Texture:
Cards (Rayman)
that would be cool if these were real
Mar 2, 2018
9:59 PM
Turndown4hwut Texture:
i saw bup boy on the thumbnail
they knew what they were doing
Feb 28, 2018
11:42 PM
Balrogchar Game:
New Super Mario Bros. U
@Random Talking Bush: I am honestly, genuinely confused. How did they make the same models look so much smoother on the Wii U?
Feb 24, 2018
7:17 PM
Flophawk Game:
Mario Kart 7
Dammit, came here for Neo Bowser City
Feb 22, 2018
7:12 PM
thank you :D
Feb 17, 2018
7:28 PM
TheWarsman Game:
Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham
Amazing work, thank you! Lego games seem to be difficult to crack and get textures from? If so, you did an excellent job here! Is it possible for you to get the DLC textures, too?
Feb 11, 2018
9:36 PM
Natas Texture:
toad is no npc, its a majestic animal that deserves its own sheet
Feb 10, 2018
10:55 PM
TGVaporeon Texture:
Biome Settlers 3 - Strangers Skin Pack
Feb 10, 2018
4:04 AM
shadowman44 Game:
South Park
The screenshots I had for this game were huge, so I had to use that ugly zoomed in screenshot of Kyle's hand.
Feb 9, 2018
9:31 PM
The Great Papyrus Game:
Sonic Generations
if you want to convert dds files to png/jpg/ect go here (Its not a virus. well I dont think it is but im guessing it isnt)
Feb 9, 2018
9:29 PM
The Great Papyrus Game:
Sonic Generations
I found out how
Feb 9, 2018
5:53 PM
The Great Papyrus Texture:
Pal Hair
Feb 9, 2018
5:40 PM
The Great Papyrus Game:
Sonic Generations
how do you change the dds files into pngs?
Feb 2, 2018
6:26 PM
Akira Game:
Super Paper Mario
Where's the Underground area from 1-1?
Feb 2, 2018
6:20 PM
Akira Texture:
The Adventure Unfolds
Flying math.
Feb 2, 2018
6:18 PM
Akira Texture:
The End of a World
The white void part remembers me of Not So Super Sonic 2 (a rom hack of sonic 2.) with Straight Line Zone
Jan 30, 2018
11:45 PM
Shade Update:
6-7-0 — It's the number of the... beast?
Thanks thanks, was definitely a close call. Who knows what could have happened
Jan 30, 2018
5:20 AM
Petie Update:
6-7-0 — It's the number of the... beast?
Good job avoiding certain disaster with the almost submission count!
Jan 29, 2018
4:46 PM
Sonic Unleashed
I will start working on ripping Stage sprites. I'll be going in order of the story though. So, Apotos first, Tonado Defense, etc.
Jan 27, 2018
7:03 AM
Doc von Schmeltwick Texture:
Bowser's Castle
And then all the game theorists cried when they realized that no, there are no green Thwomp textures, and that it's just caused by the yellow light right over it.
Jan 26, 2018
9:17 PM
Doc von Schmeltwick Texture:
Jan 21, 2018
3:54 AM
Filler Texture:
Sunrise W12

He doesn't at all. He's just there, and he isn't assigned to any of the model's UVs at all.
Jan 21, 2018
1:48 AM
teh_supar_hackr Game:
SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom
@Cosmobo Whenever I ripped the game's textures I could'int find any character textures, ether they did'int rip or I have'int found them yet.
Jan 21, 2018
1:45 AM
teh_supar_hackr Texture:
Game Boy Horror
This feels low-res now that I'm looking at this on my hi-res monitor. XD
Jan 21, 2018
1:43 AM
teh_supar_hackr Texture:
Sunrise W12
When does that dude appear in the game?
Jan 17, 2018
10:04 PM
robowil Game:
Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut
Yep. These textures went through recompression.
Jan 17, 2018
10:05 AM
Akira Game:
Why does this exist?
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