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Feb 21, 2019
12:19 AM
Centrixe Game:
An excellent mistake.
Feb 20, 2019
8:02 PM
dogefan91 Texture:
Sonic the Hedgehog
thats a lot of attention to detail to make extra spinning textures for events.
Feb 20, 2019
6:59 PM
SonicTron Game:
Mario Kart Wii
Maybe the drift boost texture would be useful?
Feb 18, 2019
10:04 AM
SonicTron Game:
Super Smash Bros.
Umm, shield texture?
Feb 18, 2019
10:03 AM
SonicTron Game:
Super Smash Bros. Melee
Does anyone have the shield texture?
Feb 14, 2019
6:07 PM
Megumin Game:
ROBLOX was a mistake.
Feb 13, 2019
6:24 AM
Smakkohooves Game:
Pokémon Trading Card Game Online
Feb 13, 2019
6:23 AM
Smakkohooves Texture:
Battle Cards
Feb 11, 2019
5:52 AM
Temmle_IsAwesome Texture:
Erik is my HERO
rip erik
Feb 10, 2019
6:23 AM
Flaming Kirby Texture:
Who the fuck is bup boy?
Feb 10, 2019
3:50 AM
Temmle_IsAwesome Texture:
Feb 9, 2019
2:48 AM
Temmle_IsAwesome Game:
guys im adding the err face
Feb 8, 2019
9:50 PM
Retro64 Game:
Donkey Kong Barrel Blast / Donkey Kong Jet Race
@DigitalDiamal True, seeing Chunky and Kiddy again would have been great! If Kiddy was added I think it make the most sense for Kopter to be his rival since they are both from DKC3
Feb 8, 2019
1:22 PM
janekonkon Texture:
All Textures
@Ayumi Shinto try searching for M64Texture_541_13651447.png
Feb 7, 2019
2:23 PM
Jimii_Games Game:
Minecraft: Java Edition
@TryyalAzureboarder You could just use novaskin or google 'Minecraft skin maker' instead.
Feb 7, 2019
1:36 AM
Brynda1231 Game:
Did you know that the new studs had the new logo on it from January-March 2019 before being blank...
Feb 5, 2019
5:28 PM
Mighty Jetters Texture:
Level Objects, Terrain, & Shadows
Don't worry, the actual sprites have transparency. I gave the rest of it a colored BG because it makes it easier to see when one sprite begins and ends.
Feb 3, 2019
8:31 PM
nannymouse Game:
SpongeBob SquarePants: 3D Obstacle Odyssey
The collectibles are in spriters resource.
Feb 3, 2019
7:55 PM
nannymouse Texture:
Background Textures
no need to thank me!
Feb 3, 2019
6:15 PM
Henchman800 Texture:
Does anybody know who this guy could be?
Feb 3, 2019
1:41 AM
nannymouse Texture:
Level Objects, Terrain, & Shadows
oh never mind XD
Feb 3, 2019
1:27 AM
nannymouse Texture:
Level Objects, Terrain, & Shadows
hmmm, I dont like how you placed these,The background should be see through
Jan 31, 2019
7:18 PM
Minecraft: Wii U Edition
Mario Mobs sent into submission.
Jan 27, 2019
12:12 AM
Centrixe Game:
Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Like how it is right now? Shirts, dresses and wetsuits having their own sections? If we were to put all of them into one section, it'd be much worse. Users can differentiate the types of clothes this way. Plus, it'll be a big page regardless of the arrangement.
Jan 22, 2019
11:19 AM
Saetta06 Texture:
@HyperSonic517 @CatScratchFeverr these are high res because they are 16 textures that makes a 256x256 texture. N64 limit was 32x32 or 32x64
Jan 22, 2019
2:01 AM
GuyWithThePie Game:
Animal Crossing: New Leaf
I'm no expert here, but don't you think that every article of clothing having its own individual page might take up too much space and make this page a pain to scroll through?
Jan 16, 2019
2:39 PM
DigitalDiamal Texture:
I view her as some sort of Kremling equivalent to Candy Kong. Even though Candy isn't a playable character.
Jan 16, 2019
2:33 PM
DigitalDiamal Game:
Donkey Kong Barrel Blast / Donkey Kong Jet Race
@Retro64 They've wasted an opportunity to add Chunky and Kiddy Kong to the roster and also having Krusha and Kutlass as their respective rivals.
Jan 16, 2019
10:01 AM
TattleangusMLG Texture:
Still Chill
Jan 15, 2019
9:44 PM
Super_Sp0nge Texture:
King Boo
h i g h q u a l i t y t h u m b n a i l
Jan 7, 2019
9:55 PM
semerl Texture:
Blue Bomber
AKA not Mega Man.
Jan 6, 2019
3:39 PM
ulitay Game:
Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The Battle Pentagram
b-but at's no models on this game :(
Jan 4, 2019
3:00 AM
MCTravisYT Texture:
@JustJory I come here on a basic daily basis trying to find models/textures/sprites to at least do some kind of testing with the game you already know I'm making but instead of filling up this thread with useless comments I think it's at best we should discuss this on Discord since this isn't really the right place

EDIT: idk why this comment is still here
Jan 3, 2019
11:17 PM
JustJory Texture:
MCTravisYT what are you doing here?
Jan 3, 2019
11:14 AM
MCTravisYT Texture:
I'm not sure what that metal texture is... to me it looks like an upside-down image of some field and a Christmas tree with some pink thing in front of it
Jan 2, 2019
8:54 PM
linkfan8990 Texture:
Default Face
oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof
Dec 27, 2018
8:53 AM
Alfred The Nerd Texture:
Rosalina Tee
Dec 23, 2018
3:57 AM
GuyWithThePie Texture:
Player Faces
I find it odd how all the eyes are black despite the actual game having set eye colors for each option. Was being able to change your eye color planned since WW, but never got implemented until NL?
Dec 12, 2018
12:16 AM
TheLEGOGamer Texture:
Isnt this Chapter 3's Bendy texture?
Dec 8, 2018
1:39 AM
GamingGage Texture:
Dec 8, 2018
1:36 AM
GamingGage Texture:
Angry Birds: Red's Mask
Creepypastas, anyone?
Dec 6, 2018
4:35 AM
KamekSans Texture:
Everything (Super Mario)
Could someone update this to the most recent patch? It's several versions out of date.
Dec 3, 2018
2:38 AM
felipeline1997 Game:
Lego Marvel's Avengers
Arms Beard Bigfig Capes Glasses Heads Legs? LEGO Avengers Help? Textures?
Dec 2, 2018
6:52 PM
Internet Frog Game:
Super Mario Galaxy 2
Can we get the textures for Shiverburn Galaxy and the Grandmaster Galaxy?
Dec 2, 2018
8:43 AM
SonicTron Game:
Sonic Generations
It's missing the homing attack symbol.
Nov 29, 2018
11:36 PM
Retro64 Game:
Donkey Kong Barrel Blast / Donkey Kong Jet Race
The existence of Kip and Kludge confuse me. They are almost exactly the same function wise as existing characters.

Kip kind of makes sense, Diddy's existing kremling rival Krunch is in a legal Grey area that they probably didn't want to deal with. However they could have choose Kutlass instead. Kip even has the same light green color as Krunch and Kutlass!

Kludge is even more confusing. He is literally just Krusha without being called Krusha. He has all the same attributes as Krusha! Even his color is the exact same!

I don't care that these characters are "not made by Rare and so they must be garbage" because that's not true. Paon's Xananab and Dragon Kremling are both cool unique characters. While Kip & Kludge's designs are fine, they feel like a missed opportunity to bring back more fan favorite characters.
Nov 23, 2018
11:23 PM
Retro64 Game:
Donkey Kong 64
I know the Expansion Pak was used to fix a glitch, but could have Rare also took advantage of it's capabilities as well? A lot of these textures are really high-quality for N64 standards.
Nov 23, 2018
5:17 PM
Harry44 Game:
They are more coming soon.
Nov 21, 2018
6:16 PM
Superlakitu Game:
PaRappa the Rapper 2
Please add more textures.
Get to it, bush man.
Nov 19, 2018
6:39 PM
Superlakitu Texture:
Default Face
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