About Us

This website is a part of several websites under the belt of "The VG Resource" - websites that are dedicated to the collection, archival, and appreciation of materials from video games.

These resources are collected for personal projects and non-commercial work. Many of our users utilize the sprites, models, textures, and sounds found on our sites to make comics or games and more still just browse them to reminisce on games they've played.


This network is primarily run by Dazz and Petie but not without lots of help from our staff and the community itself.

Dazz's tenure with tSR began when he took over the reigns from Shane (now running DidYouKnowGaming). His responsibilities are pretty broad but, for the most part, his day-to-day activities revolve around managing the actual sites and their content. He is an avid ripper himself and can often be found contributing content when he has the time to do so.

Petie officially joined the community in September of 2010 though he had been friends with Dazz long before that and lurked for a long time before finally making an account. His primary responsibilities are managing the server and the code that runs the network as well as handling most of the administration of the forum and community. If there is any sort of technical issue, he's the one you'll want to contact.

We're certainly not alone though. We have an amazing staff who volunteer their time to keep both the sites and the community running smoothly and, without them, we'd really be in trouble. If you're interested in seeing who they are, head on over to the staff page on the forum. They're all very knowledgable and are also a great resource if you have any questions.

And of course, these sites would be nothing without their community. As cheesy as that sounds, it's absolutely true here. The community has, time and time again, come through on massive projects in addition to all of the resources being submitted by our members and that simply can't be overlooked.

The Sites

The Spriters Resource was our original website - it holds host to sprites extracted from games, as well as custom made sprites. It's gone through many phases in its lifetime, and is finally at the state you see it today. We've received comments from famous game developers in the past claiming to have used tSR for references on animations and other aspects of the art.

Interested in checking out how the site evolved over the years? Click the links below!

2003-2004: ninsprites.tk
2004-2006: sprites.fireball20xl.com
2006-Present: spriters-resource.com

The Models Resource was added to compensate for the direction of the gaming industry, and to allow those with a passion for 3D to get into extraction and viewing, too. Some people have mentioned using the models for actually testing their animating skills, and have gotten themselves into the industry as such.

The Textures Resource is the home of textures - once hosted on tSR, textures can be used for all sorts of things, such as custom models, wallpapers... Anything you feel needs a texture!

The Sounds Resource is the perfect text-message receiving sound site. It takes purely the sound effects from games - not music, due to the legalities. We publish these so that people can use them for inspiration for sounds, and for use in their fangames or videos.

Have any other questions that haven't been answered here? Be sure to check out our FAQ page and if all else fails, feel free to contact us!
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