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Posted by Random Talking Bush - August 5, 2023 - 3:37 PM
Random Talking Bush
Blergh, being sick sucks. I swear this "update every other month" schedule that's been the case recently isn't intentional, it's just the way it is sometimes (especially when you're the sole staff member for an entire portion of the site, and the primary one for another).

Anyway, this month's update was brought to you almost entirely by Joker496 and Models124717, with additional submissions from the following users (most of which being only a submission or two apiece but I'm shouting 'em out anyway) -- Askywalker, Biggest_Chungus, DogToon64, Elarix, fajnygosciu1234 (bacon hair), fexhvhbdsf864, fr1234, FridayFunkGaming291, Geno Penguin, GuyOnAComputer, kadingrider, LAZERLUKE109, MarioFan9238, Nazaypato, RickGotTaken, Rottytops64, Sal, SirDuckman, xanderrock98 and Ya Block.

With that, most of June's queue has been taken care of (plus a few from July/August), plenty to go through for the next update. Hopefully not in September, but we'll see.
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