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Posted by Shade - November 5, 2017 - 1:31 AM
(Gestures because my shadey guy is gesturing over there to the left haha funny I know)

Wanted to bust out a quick texture update before it's too late, dang how cool is that? The answer is: "I guess that's kinda cool Shade, I don't know though honestly just get to the good stuff and stop wasting our time" and to that I say "Oh... ok then whoops".

Today we have content from Bendy and the Ink Machine, NASCAR Heat 2, Planet 51, and textures from those wacky Sonic the Hedgehog storybook games for Wii. Yay! And there's more than that to check out so go check things out and quit letting me tell you to check out the stuff that should be checked out and just check 'em out yourself!

That's all for now but keep your eyes peeled for more textures and your hearts... open I guess? Opening your heart actually sounds kind of not good, weird how common a saying that is, hm.
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