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WRAPPING UP this week with lowpoly TEXTURES
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Posted by Kosheh - January 2, 2021 - 11:14 PM
Hey guys - it's me, Kosheh! You've probably seen me update on TSR in the past, but here I am eking in a TTR update whaaaaaat

This month we've got Aliens EX Termination stuff along with plenty of assets from Naruto: Ninja Destiny, Pokemon Rumble Rush, Mario Parties (plural!!), Roblox, and Sam and Max!!

It's bittersweet seeing Naruto Ninja Destiny stuff, the odd duck of a Naruto game, pop up on this site because fun fact: I made a translation patch for the third game (Shinobi Retsuden III) I'm afraid you'll have to Google it though because I translated it back when I was young, free, and naive to romhacking and didn't think to save it anywhere besides filesharing sites that have since gone belly up. This was also 2 entire computers ago and those hard drives have since been zeroed out/destroyed. Told you I was young, free, and naive

Anyway, enjoy the update and I hope to see you all soon :D
Textures in this update: 67 (Show Textures)

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