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Textures Submitted 15
Games Submitted To 6
Largest Console (by Games) DS / DSi (5 games)
Largest Console (by Textures) DS / DSi (14 textures)
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Biggest Contributions
Most Popular Textures
1 Ghosts 'n Goblins: Gold Knights All Textures 4,484 hits
2 Tales of the Tempest Battle Backgrounds 3,660 hits
3 Ivy the Kiwi? All Textures 3,385 hits
4 Soul Eater: Medusa no Inbou Characters 3,277 hits
5 Donkey Kong / DK: Jungle Climber Donkey Kong 3,208 hits
6 Retro Game Challenge Arino 3,182 hits
7 Retro Game Challenge Girl 3,154 hits
8 Donkey Kong / DK: Jungle Climber King K. Rool 3,086 hits
9 Tales of the Tempest NPCs 2,985 hits
10 Soul Eater: Medusa no Inbou Bosses 2,738 hits
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