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April Fools Updates
Category PC / Computer
Submitters Depressed Mario, Whitetimber
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April Fools Updates
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Nov 6, 2023, 7:30 AM
:D Cheeky! :D
Aug 20, 2022, 10:39 AM
@Eriasu89 same thing, diamond chicken is the same texture but blue, not a new texture
Sep 21, 2020, 7:32 AM
I get that the Redstone Bug is just a completely red Silverfish, but what about the Diamond Chicken?!
Sep 19, 2020, 11:52 PM
@gnatthew My guess is that there was a hidden Minesweeper game in one of the updates, and that's what the creeper, "Mine-Screeper" and other sprites in the bottom-right were for.
Apr 8, 2020, 1:09 PM *
20w14infinite textures?
Edit:It has its own sheet for some reason.
Feb 7, 2020, 10:05 AM
what is the creeper on grass texture supposed to be used for?
Oct 5, 2019, 9:50 AM
Some of these sprites belong on tSR
Mar 22, 2019, 7:13 PM
The one where Villagers took over Minecraft was the best XD
Jul 2, 2016, 1:24 PM
Adding the coal block, and just to clear things up, Tinted Glass is just one file, unlike the Stained Glass of 1.7, and the Redstone Bug is just a recolored red silverfish.
Jun 22, 2016, 12:38 PM
Coal blocks are missing, unless they used a tinted redstone block texture.
in case your wondering, coal blocks were in 2.0 before officially being introduced.
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