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Posted by Ultimecia - June 4, 2010 - 4:03 PM
Welcome to the brand-new the Textures Resource! We are a sister-site (or I should call it a "spin-off"?) of the Spriters Resource. Dazz asked me to help him around so I guess I'll be hosting the show for the most part but he's still the brains behind everything.
Keep in mind this layout is temporary and will change in the future, it's like when you just move to a new house: lots of stuff to fix, to put in the proper place and many cosmetic changes to make so please be patient.
In the meantime there are more than 1300 textures, some directly from tSR and many of them are never seem before!
Feel free to contribute and ask around at our forums too! And...Huh...I guess that's all. Enjoy!
Textures in this update: 4
PC / Computer Textures: 3
PlayStation Textures: 1

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