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Posted by Mighty Jetters - July 2, 2016 - 3:08 PM
Mighty Jetters
Oh, howdy! It's me, that updater that never updates! What has happened since I was away? ...What?! 174 texture submissions happened?! Holy moly, you guys are on a roll!

So, since y'all are probably wondering, our dear old buddy pal chum mate Shade is away for the weekend. Doing what, nobody knows! Maybe he's secretly going to see the president and say "happy birthday, America!" Or maybe he's running for president himself! Surely, he'd make a great one!

Regardless, he asked me to update in his place this time, so here's the rundown! We got some Dragon Ball Z, Sonic Chronicles (hey, I actually think that game's underrated!), SpongeBob, more Sonic, Halo, LEGO, ToonTown, Minecraft, Mario, Elder Scrolls, even KIRBY AIR RIDE?! Holy heck yes! Variety abound in this batch!

Hope y'all enjoy, and have a wonderful 4th, whether or not you celebrate the holiday! I'm gonna go make some bombs for fireworks, so I'll be back someday!! :p
Textures in this update: 174
DS Textures: 21
GameCube Textures: 45
Nintendo 64 Textures: 2
PC / Computer Textures: 92
Wii Textures: 1
Wii U Textures: 7
Xbox 360 Textures: 6

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