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Posted by Petie - July 6, 2014 - 4:23 AM
Hello everyone! As I'm sure you were immediately able to tell, we have launched the new version of our site! With this new layout comes the long-awaited counterpart to our new game icons - the texture icons!

Many of the textures in this update are already taking advantage of this new format and can be seen below. We aren't quite finished with the conversion from our old style icons yet though so you'll still see those around the site as well. We've done our best to make them fit in as much as possible but just know that they're temporary and in the process of being replaced. If you'd like get involved in this process, check out this thread for more info.

So, enjoy the new site, the new icons, and keep an eye on the forum tomorrow for more details about our new submission process and more information on getting involved in the renovation! We know the drastic layout change will take a bit of getting used to so, as always, leave us your feedback and bug reports below or over at the forum (you'll need to join if you're not a member but now is the perfect time to do it since the forum reset just took place!).

-Petie & Dazz
Textures in this update: 41

Posted by Dazz - May 10, 2014 - 3:08 PM
Hey folks! Part of our efforts to renovate the sites and update them to be more modern and up to date with what browsers are capable of, we've made some changes to the way in which our game icons work. We've been working to get these going for a while now and we're finally able to show them off!

These new icons introduce some important improvements to usability:
1. While the images themselves are larger, the border is now separated. This means the site only has to load the CSS to display them.
2. Game titles are now added to icons from the site's database, making icon submissions easier (you only need to submit the image part), as well as the ability to use your browser's built-in search to find a game on a long page. It also makes editing MUCH less tedious for us!
3. The larger size means we can fit more in the icon without cropping, leading to better representations of the games without even needing to read that new text.

If you spot any icons that are wrong, or any other problems, please do report them to me. I'd really appreciate that! You can email us, tweet me, post on the forum, or leave a comment! :)

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