Posted by Petie - December 7, 2013 - 4:15 PM
Hello everyone! I just finished adding in a couple of new features which I wanted to quickly highlight. On every game's main page, there is now a button allowing you to quickly jump to the "Add Texture" form for that game. The game's title on the add page also links back to the original game so moving around the site should be a lot easier now.

You'll also notice, above that new button, a new table showing a couple of statistics for the game you're viewing. Texture count is self explanatory but I do need to mention one thing about the hit count. We've only been tracking game hits since the new site launched so expect them to be a bit lower than you'd think, especially for popular games. Originally, this wasn't an issue since we were using that count to generate our popular games lists so nobody saw the actual number but now that it's visible, just keep that in mind.

So, enjoy the new features and as always, let me know if there are any issues!

Also, since the site hasn't been updated in a while, I'm also bringing you 44 new textures to enjoy! Lots of content from a few GTA games and 27 from Mario Kart Wii!
Textures in this update: 44
PC / Computer Textures: 3
Trey 'Playboy X' Stewart Tommy Vercetti (Soiree) Newtrat's Tuskinator
PSP Textures: 14
'The King' Jumpsuit Avenging Angel's Fatigues Casuals Chauffeur's Outfit Cox Mascot Suit Donald Love Goodfella JD O'Toole Lawyer Outfit Leone Outfit Massimo Torini Overalls Tuxedo Vincenzo Cilli
Wii Textures: 27
Block Plaza Bowser Castle Daisy Circuit DK Summit Dry Bowser Dry Bowser's Flame Runner DS Delfino Square DS Desert Hills DS Peach Gardens DS Twilight House DS Yoshi Falls Funky Kong Funky Kong's Flame Runner GBA Battle Course 3 GBA Bowser Castle 3 GCN Cookie Land GCN DK Mountain Grumble Volcano Luigi Circuit Maple Treeway Mushroom Gorge N64 Bowser Castle N64 DK Jungle Parkway N64 Mario Raceway Rainbow Road SNES Battle Course 4 SNES Mario Circuit 3

Posted by Dazz - October 2, 2013 - 8:55 PM
Hey guys! Last week we finished a feature which allows you to keep updated on all the latest content that gets uploaded. This saves you having to wait for each update, and lets you get the latest content fed straight to your Twitter feed. Not only does this allow you to see stuff that gets uploaded to the site before an update to the front page is made, but it also means that you won't miss anything that gets uploaded, as it'll be directly to a service that you (hopefully) already love.

You can follow the Textures Resource updates account here!

If you're interested in the other sites, you can check them out too:
You can follow the Spriters Resource updates account here!
You can follow the Models Resource updates account here!
You can follow the Sounds Resource updates account here!

We're looking at ways in which we can implement these sorts of updates to the main site, but as it stands that might take a while. If you have any suggestions on how you'd like to see this sort of stream come up on the site, let us know and we'll do our best to make it a reality.

If you fancy it too, you can always follow my personal account where I talk about things related to the sites, as well as general nonsense that nobody should really care about! Hurrah!
Textures in this update: 118
DS Textures: 6
Yorkshire Terrier Characters Mother Wisp Zone 2 Boss Zone 4 Boss Zone 5 Boss
GameCube Textures: 47
Anode Beetle Antenna Beetle Captain Olimar, Louie & The President Man-at-Legs Swooping Snitchbug Water Dumple Amy Rose Black Bull Black Doom Charmy Bee Cream & Chao G.U.N. Commander (Child) Maria Robotnik Rouge the Bat Aqua Bentley Elder Tomas Ember Flame Freezia Gnasty Gnorc Hunter Ice Princess Ineptune Lily Mammoth Mecha-Red Mergatroid Otto Peggy Phil Professor Red Teena Thief Turtle Mother Wally Ball Kirby Trophy Credits Egg Fighter Kirby Trophy Fire Kirby Trophy Goldeen Trophy Metal Mario Trophy Monster Trophy Polar Bear Samus's Starship Trophy
Nintendo 64 Textures: 35
Armadillo Enemy (Unused) Army Dillo Fight (Jungle Japes) Battle Arena Creepy Castle: Ballroom Kaboing (Unused) Killer Tomato Klam Kop Shuri Whip Shuri Bob & Number Four Earthworm Kim Fatty Roswell Professor Monkey-for-a-Head Psycrow Balloon Burst Bowl Over Crane Game Face Lift Same Game (Unused) Slot Machine Teetering Towers Daisy Donkey Kong Luigi Mario Peach Waluigi Wario Yoshi Alex Harry Kate Nina Egg
Other Systems Textures: 3
Beat Gum Tab
PC / Computer Textures: 9
Claude Phil Big Smoke Cesar Claude Denise Robinson Sweet Ken Rosenburg Newtrat's Tuskinator
PlayStation Textures: 16
Coco Bandicoot Crash Bandicoot Coco Bandicoot Crash Bandicoot Dingodile Dr. Neo Cortex Dr. Nitrus Brio Koala Kong Rilla Roo Tiny Tiger Cactus Jack Chumly Croc Flibby Itsy The Feeble
Wii Textures: 2
King Piccolo (Old) Tiger Soldier

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